Personal Work

This is the section where I'm sharing some of my side projects. I use my personal work as a place to explore techniques, textures and ideas.


I'll add a description with each image.

Ophelia/Lady of the Lake

Digital illustration 2020

Summer Nights

Evening stroll in a spring field. 

I live in beautiful Devon and some of the wildflower meadows are so beautiful this time of year. 

Digital 2020


I'm a big fan of the TV series Mad Men.

Having recently re-watched it, I wanted to try some digitally created portraits. I stuck to pencil brushes to try and maintain a more traditional medium which is always my aim with digital work.

20s style.jpg
20s minimal.jpg

This emerged from a texture experiment using procreate.

I enjoyed both versions of this 1920s inspired image

the fox.jpg

Each October there is an Instagram drawing challenge called "Folk Tales week". In 2019 I joined in using the daily prompts. 

This image had the prompt "Home". I used the lyrics to the folk song "The Fox" as inspiration.

Digital illustration 2019


Prompt: Path"

Red Riding Hood inspired.

Digital illustration 2019


 Prompt: Darkness 

Based on the folk story of the Wist-hounds of Dartmoor. 

Digital illustration 2019  


Prompt: smoke

I chose a Native American story called "The boy in the land of shadows"

Digital 2019

The Crow

Prompt "key"

I didn't follow a story for this one.. more of a feeling.

Digital 2019



Digital 2019

Harry's Restaurant

another gorgeous building from my home town of Exeter.

Uni Pin Pen 2018


Harry Potter character design.


Although I came to them later than most of my peers, I still love the books..